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Aug 2019 //
Got to draw a heap of really cool stuff in this one. Here's the full illustration for Ryan Chamley's awesome new podcast, 'The Unconventional Filmmaker'...


Idle Hands Print Co. 'Idle Hands Are The Devil's Workshop'...
Idle Hands Print Co. is an apparel, accessory & art brand based out of my home studio. IHPC was born out of my love of 70's and 80's horror movies, all things creepy and paranormal, art & design and wanting to make the kinds of things I wanted to see exist in the world. Ever since I taught myself screen printing I've wanted a banner, a brand that could house all my designs and ideas and encompass my D.I.Y ethic; Idle Hands Print Co became that brand.

Idle Hands is all about quality over quantity, good design and originality. We're the underdogs, the lone wolves, the artists, the dreamers but we're also the do-ers. We trust our guts, we keep moving forward. Every IHPC piece is designed in-house and printed lovingly by hand, on equipment designed and built myself, including hand-meshed silk screens. Shout out to anyone who's picked up some threads and become part of the crew!
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We're Not Alone [comic]
'We're Not Alone' is the b&w graphic novel I've written and am drawing at the moment. Read more about it here and check for pictoral updates on my instagram.

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